Bay of Plenty

Update – investigation into Anihera Black allegations

Thursday, 30 August 2018 – 2:47pm

To be attributed to Detective Inspector Mark Loper: 


Since July, Bay of Plenty Police have been working to investigate allegations made by Anihera Black regarding her late husband.


Police have been contacted by one person since the allegations were made. 


Our priority throughout our investigation has been to ensure that anyone who wishes to speak with us can feel comfortable doing so. 


For that reason, and out of respect for the privacy of the person who contacted us, we will not be discussing matters relating to this individual.


However we can advise that, to date, we have not received any information or evidence to substantiate the allegation that a ‘pedophile ring’ is or has been operating in Tauranga.


We understand that these allegations have caused considerable distress, not just for Mrs Black and her whanau, but for the wider Tauranga community.  


We want to assure the community that Police have taken these allegations seriously and have investigated accordingly.


Based on the information currently available, Police are unable to progress this matter any further at this time. 


We continue to welcome contact from anyone who wishes to share information with us about the allegations but has not yet been in touch with us. 


Anyone who wishes to contact Police can do this by contacting their local Police station or by emailing the Adult Sexual Assault team at [1] . 


Any information provided to Police will be carefully assessed by specialist staff, who can also ensure the right support services are available. 


Anyone who is not comfortable approaching police is encouraged to get in contact with their local Sexual Assault Support service.  




Issued by Police Media Centre. 



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