Nelson fires update – conditional re-entry for Golden Hills

Friday, 15 February 2019 – 9:36am

Today Police together with New Zealand Defence Force are assisting with the conditional re-entry of residents in Golden Hills and sections of Eves Valley and Redwood Valley.

Conditional re-entry started at 8am this morning for residents in Golden Hills and those on Eves Valley Road through to the sawmill and the first 500 metres of Redwood Valley Road.

This is conditional re-entry for residents only and we ask that members of the public who do not have a genuine reason to be in the area to please stay out.

Police will maintain cordons in the re-entry areas through until 4pm to allow for an orderly return of residents.

We ask everyone returning to their homes to please not be complacent you are returning to an area that is now in a state of Be Prepared to Evacuate.

This state of Be Prepared to Evacuate means that at any time until further notice, you may need to re evacuate your property under urgency.

Police staff will also be at each of the restricted entry points and mobile on the roads in all of the evacuated areas to assist with the restricted entry process.

Police staff undertook continued patrolling in the wider Wakefield area overnight and there were no incidents of note or offences reported.


Issued by Police Media Centre